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The activities and the relationship implemented by Mistress Angelik during my sessions.

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Description of the strong feelings experienced, expressions, gestures, determination and sensuality then the feeling asserted by the very pretty dominatrix during these activities. It is hard to describe this relationship because it is global, made up of strong feelings but also of nuances and subtleties, of contrasts and even sometimes… En lire plus
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July 2021 – Mistress Angelik, SM Dominatrix in Paris receives you in her Dungeon

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* In July 2021 the dungeon of your SM Dominatrix in Paris is open from Monday 05 to Thursday 15 July 2021 included.
Live your SM – BDSM and Fetish fantasies. * Mistress Angelik welcomes you in Paris in her air-conditioned Dungeon for Fetichist, BDSM / SM sessions, make an… En lire plus
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Educational spankings for adults

In BDSM Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

More than spanking itself, it’s the whole climate around “being indebted to spanking”.
The sanction of the submissive for a behavior …
What could be more “normal” than being punished for bad behavior ?
It all depends on how to bring the submissive there.
Neither exaggerated nor unrealistic: severe, but… En lire plus