Vynil latex 62

Totally in the grip of Mistress Angelik after my first time

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

I entered Mistress Angelik’s dungeon for the first time with some anguish not knowing what to expect.
The hostess greeted me in a friendly manner with a certain authority in her voice.

She was fully dressed in a black latex outfit, which showed off the curves of her perfect body.
She dressed me in a black latex outfit, the session could begin.
She ordered me to kneel and coat her body with oil to shine her outfit, I did not expect her to allow me to put my hands on this body that I imagined inaccessible, the sensation of her forms through matter began to awaken my senses, I slowed down as much as possible the movement of my hands to savor every second, I suspected, however, that she was going to make me pay for this arrogance. She tied me to a Saint Andrew’s cross, blindfolded me and began to polish my body in turn, this only accentuated this feeling more and more difficult to hide.
The Mistress was outraged, she slapped me, exerted painful pressure on parts of my body and addressed me severely.
She untied me from my cross and ordered me to get on all fours on the ground.
– « Your impetuosity deserves a punishment, you dirty bitch!»
She gave me a precise spanking with her firm hands, I arched my back as much as possible in order to receive this harsh but fair punishment.

She made an opening on my buttocks and my crotch which revealed all my private parts.
She tied my testicles with a rope.
– « If you don’t do everything I tell you, I’ll rip them off. Understood?”
– Yes Mistress. »
I felt a cold and penetrating sensation around my anus, the mistress was inserting her fingers.
– « Well well well, that little ass is very narrow, we’ll have to fix it!»
I could feel her going back and forth as she exerted pressure on me using one finger, then two. The pain I felt mingled with the pleasure, not really knowing which sensation was stronger.
She inserted an anal plug inside me, it had a vibrating function, the vibrations spread to my whole body, it surprised me. “Don’t you drop it! Understood? »

She ordered me to kneel and kiss the parts of her body she was presenting to me, I tried to apply myself as best I could, but the position was uncomfortable, and the plug fell to the ground.
– « Mistress, I … I’m sorry, it fell to the ground …”
– « Little insolent, you deserve another spanking! »
This time the mistress took hold of a swift and a wooden stick, she gave me her blows in turn and stronger each time with the help of her instruments. I felt my heart pounding as I suffered Mistress Angelik’s torments.
She sat down in a chair, made me lie down on her knees, gave me a final spanking and pushed the plug back into me.
“This time you better keep it!»
I held the plug with my hand so I would not lose it again. She brought me back to my knees on the floor, she stood in front of me, and ordered me to kiss her body again. I let wander my mouth, my lips and my tongue as the moment was divine, I wished it would never stop. It ended however, the mistress gagged my mouth, I was now deprived of the word and the right to kiss this magnificent body.
She ordered me to stay on my knees.

She grabbed a vibrator and ran it slowly over my erect penis.
The sensation was unbearable, my body was agitated by the vibrations of Mistress Angelik’s devices, a tear flowed from my eye as drops of sperm beaded from my penis and I moaned through the gag. The mistress seemed amused by this spectacle.
The torment lasted for many more minutes and then it was deliverance. As my fluid streamed out of my body, I slowly came back from that trance my mistress had plunged me into.

Already two and a half hours have passed?
How is it possible?
I got dressed still confused.
The mistress took leave of me.

I roamed the streets of Paris, my mind haunted by what I had just experienced.
This memory still haunts me today.
I would come back someday, I had to.
I was now totally in the grip of Mistress Angelik.