The shoe store, a temple for high heels fetishists.

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

Fetishistic pleasure can take the form of foot and/or shoe worship through the simple fitting of shoes in a women’s shoe store.
The context is conducive to fetishistic ecstasy.
The meeting is indeed public.
Mistress Angelik will explain to the saleswomen that you are indeed her slave.
The latter will all be accomplices of your Mistress and will help her to submit you by rejoicing in your servile position.

You will have to always delicately put on and take off your Mistress’s shoes as many times as she wishes, until she is satisfied.
You will be on your knees, and she will put her feet on a footrest.
The saleswoman will bring the boxes to you with a smile, stack them next to you, offering you a shoehorn to make it easier for you, and then you will have to do the work.

Choosing a pair of shoes is always a complex job, and requires many fittings until you find the ideal, practical, comfortable, aesthetic solution and above all the one that will make men fall at her feet without resistance…
Everything will pass, the studded boots with spurs, high-heeled pumps, ballet flats, rope soles, sandals, low-heeled models, those with exposed toes, and all the others.

You will also learn how to maintain the shoe, how to wax correctly with the brush, then how to rub to polish the leather.
You will finally realize the privilege that is yours to be reduced to the condition of a foot slave, and all the subtle pleasures that this situation provides…

A slave.