Aux pieds de ma maitresse seconde seance avec une dominatrice parisienne

The return of my dog – Account of our second session

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This second story is written by my new submissive who got in touch via my BDSM discovery form

I’d enjoyed the previous day’s session so much that we decided to meet again the next day for a second session – the excitement hadn’t subsided from the day before. I was still thinking just as much about Mistress Angelik. I went to the same address at the end of the afternoon.

Mistress Angelik opened the door and I gazed at her as I entered this magnificent dungeon. I was in ecstasy in front of Mistress Angelik, for the second time in two days. What intense pleasure I felt. Maîtresse Angelik was dressed in her usual figure-enhancing gown. With new pumps, black and red under the sole. My favourite pumps. If you hadn’t seen the first story, I have a fetish for feet and heels, as well as being a masochist.

As soon as I got home, I’d undress, completely naked. And as soon as I got home, I’d come and kiss those magnificent pumps.

I remained on all fours following my Mistress, Mistress Angelik, who was delighted to see me again so quickly. Mistress Angelik gave me a smile and said she appreciated my coming for a second session. Mistress Angelik, remembered well that I was a masochist and that I didn’t want any particular programme, that I wanted to be a slave only for Mistress Angelik’s pleasure, that she could play with me as much as she wanted.

She began by making me swallow water from a dog’s bowl, just as I am now, in my place as a minion.
Mistress Angelik was more severe and intense in her blows with the martinet, the whip and the cane. I felt every blow, and I wanted more. I counted every blow she dealt me. And thanking Mistress Angelik.
Mistress Angelik placed me on the pillory, a device that blocks our hands and head. With my legs apart, I was hit several times with the martinet. Mistress Angelik took the opportunity to play with my sexual attributes. Mistress Angelik was testing me with various techniques such as electric probes, balbusting and testicle work.

Then Mistress Angelik took me into the cage where she discovered my masochistic side, using an electric probe. And of course, before a session is over, I have to be her sexual object. Mistress Angelik loves using her belt dildos on me, we were able to try out a new size, and I’m asking for more again and again. This session went by so quickly, even Mistress Angelik admitted it. We finished the session, and Mistress Angelik let me cum on her foot. Immediately afterwards, I had to clean up by licking to remind me that I was a dog, and then we spent ten minutes talking and laughing together over a drink.

Now I’m counting the days until I see you again.
Yours sincerely, at your feet, legs apart.

To be continued…

Images taken during a session in my Dungeon.

Aux pieds de ma maitresse seconde seance avec une dominatrice parisienne Ma seconde seance avec une dominatrice parisienne recit