Prosternez vous a mes pieds domination fetichisme sur paris

The Pedicure of Mistress Angelik – A tale of Feet worship

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

The favorite practice of foot fetishists is to worship feet of theirs mistress.
For Maitresse Angelik, a pedicure session becomes a real ritual of veneration, she loves her feet worship and she is the one who educates you to serve her well.

You must first fill the basin with water, make sure it is the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, bring all the tools: soap, towel, small scissors, nail clippers, files, brushes… ., then come and bring them to her, on your knees. You gently take off her shoes, then you’ll put her feet in the basin. A moment of intense pleasure begins.

First the soap. You will massage his feet languidly with a soap, lather and rub under the ankles, under the heels, between the toes. You will perform these movements then rest both of his feet in the basin of lukewarm water to rinse them, then put his right foot, then his left foot, one by one on your thighs, in order to wipe them with a towel.

It will then be necessary to brush the nails, and finally cut them to the right size, just at the level of the toe, so that they are well highlighted. It will then be necessary to moisturize the skin with creams and massages, then remove the calluses using a fine grain grater. You will gently rub his pads, his heel and the entire exposed surface of the soles of his feet.

A fine horn dust will emerge and her skin will become softer. If the job is done well, with care and gentleness, Maitresse Angelik will reward you. With her delicate finger she will wipe her heel then ask you to open your mouth and present your tongue so that you can enjoy her feet,

This practice is an act of love, which is similar to the fellatio of a sexual organ and the swallowing of the semen of the beloved one, to the veneration of the higher being.

A fetishist of Mistress Angelik.