Lou et sandra feminisation par maitresse angelik

The feminization for Sandra, the Sissi of Mistress Angelik

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

Feminization is a poem whose verses are inspired by a look at a desirable soul.
A heel for allure, nylon for softness, lace for ease, and latex for assurance.
A touch of color on a face to illuminate its most beautiful thoughts.
Pretty long nails, protective on a soft hand.

Feminization comes to sublimate the spirit, to open it to what the appearance comes to reveal the desires of a day or an evening.

This tender moment where affection comes to set fire to passion and to attract the desire of the body.

The poem then fades away to let a musical note emerge, that of a body that will take its pleasure with the being of its choice, being a woman provokes emotions and lovemaking.

An exciting session organized yesterday with new members.
The sharing is euphoric.
It was great, you did it right and I thank you.
In a sublimated dungeon, you gave me an incredible welcome.
Benevolent and bubbly, the time given to both of you was delicious.

Your rigor, respect and courtesy make you a strong woman.

I count on you to protect these values that we share in the face of new selfish attitudes.

Mistress, remember that you are doing one of the most beautiful jobs in the world, that of bringing happiness.

Thank you again for the welcome yesterday, made of simple things and smiles.

I am Sandra, Mistress Angelik’s submissive