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The activities and the relationship implemented by Mistress Angelik during my sessions.

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Description of the strong feelings experienced, expressions, gestures, determination and sensuality then the feeling asserted by the very pretty dominatrix during these activities.

It is hard to describe this relationship because it is global, made up of strong feelings but also of nuances and subtleties, of contrasts and even sometimes of contradictions

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When I get to her place, each time the door opens, I find Mistress Angélik always very pretty, with her magnificent face, her very expressive eyes, her bewitching smile, her femininity enhanced by her expressions, her beautiful brown hair falling on the front on one side of her face and behind her shoulder on the other. She is always dressed in a very sensual way.

What creates in me strong feelings in this relationship is to be dominated by a very pretty woman, at the same time very firm, determined and relentless when she whips or when she humiliates, but also attractive, very feminine, intuitive and expressive, intelligent, with incredible gestures of sensuality.

It is these contrasts and this globality that I like, merging the attraction towards this sensuality with suffering and submission!

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During the sessions, the harsh lashes and the whip are only appreciated because they are given by the woman whose sensuality I have just described and who expresses contentment by producing these pains. Because it is this mixture that makes all the subtlety of this relationship. It’s not about having pain as such. It doesn’t matter. It is to suffer, of course, but to suffer because of this pretty woman who creates this pain while asserting her well-being. It is this feeling expressed by M.A. (Mistress Angélik) that is fundamental!

It is all of these activities, the variety of sequences and situations but above all the contrasts created, the involvement of M.A., both her determination and her sensuality, which characterize these sessions, and which make them original.

These sessions begin with the whip and the strap. M.A. tells me to turn my back then she hits me hard and long on different places on the back, on the buttocks and thighs.

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Since I’m not facing her, I love to observe in the large wall mirror the gestures of MA which are incredible of femininity and voluptuousness, as well as her facial expressions when she applies herself to hurt me and humiliate me .
In this position I receive fifty hits. Then M.A. asks me to put myself aside. She gives me a few dozen lashes.

I then look at her postures and expressions. Because this is absolutely essential! Her whole body activates rhythmically to strike!

While mine, well in phase, responds to these movements by undergoing the blows! The marks are more and more visible on my body! This is my way of being in tune! …

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I look at MA’s left hand sometimes placed on her hip to affirm her beauty, her femininity, her grace and her well-being while she strikes me with her right hand with the whip then with the flogger and makes me suffer! I feel her happy to be pretty, fulfilled and attractive while whipping me, while hurting me and humiliating me! I feel happy with these contrasts that she brings into play!

Sometimes I notice a slight very elegant and sexy bending on her knees to better hit my lower legs. All these subtleties in facial expressions, postures and gestures are very important because they express the feeling of M.A. This is what characterizes this domination. Her mouth slightly ajar then expresses her sensuality while she notices my pain! Her magnificent eyes contemplate my suffering and my humiliation! We are perfectly in tune! It’s as if our two bodies complement each other in movement!

What a contrast of situation between, on the one hand, her feelings, her contentment expressed, her sensual delight when she strikes and, on the other hand, my suffering while the whipping and then the swift strokes hurt me more and more! …

Then M.A. tells me to put myself in front and she then hits me hard and long on my nipples and my chest. Our eyes are totally in tune and I see on her face the smile produced by the sight of the development of my pain and my humiliation. It is this contradictory situation with other desires that brings such sensations into a D/S relationship of quality!

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Then M.A. hits me for ten minutes with a small whip. She harasses me from blows from all sides. She literally turns and dances around me, passes very quickly with her whip from one part of my body to another, she hits my chest, then my buttocks, then my chest again, then my thighs, then my back, then my belly. I am surprised by the blows that come from all sides. I am literally “objectified”, the object of her will, hit in all directions!

I watch M.A. during this time because everything is there! You have to see her bend down to hit my legs better, then get up quickly to hit my back, then move to hit my butt! Her whole body then moves with great sensuality while I am suffering! I surrender to her will while the whip strikes from all sides! M.A. is totally in command! … This sequence ends with a long burst of very strong round trips with the whip on my chest while M.A. is facing me. She looks me in the eye and strikes with all her might taking her momentum for each shot!

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Then she now uses a large flogger – much larger than the one used earlier – with which she whips me for a long time from the back, then from the side and finally from the front. Her gestures are splendid! The large leather straps of this swift fall on my body while that of M.A. triumphs over sensuality! The very loud noise of the hitting straps is very important in the sensations!

As she strikes, M.A. is so pretty, she is beautiful, very attractive. But the situation turns in the other direction: M.A. hurts me more and more and dominates me more and more. Strong sensations guaranteed!
I have only known this area of submission for six years. I would never have imagined these sensations during all the years before when I completely ignored these practices! This is why I am convinced that many men who do not feel particularly masochist would also experience these strong sensations when experiencing this sulphurous relationship!

To continue the session, M.A. now takes a very large whip. She told me to put myself aside for a first series of strokes, then head on for another series, two meters from her. With an incredible gesture M.A. then puts this big whip behind her head to amplify her dynamics then throws it forcefully towards me. You have to see this big whip unfold, rush in my direction to come and curl behind me and hit my back, my waist and my buttocks strongly! It hurts! But what a feeling! The two of us are perfectly in tune! … M.A. is magnificent in her very personalized postures and gestures! Her whole body is in action! The subtle movements of her arms and legs are essential! I look at her right arm which launches the big whip while her left arm performs in the air incredible movements of grace and sensuality! At times she leans her body forward so that the whip hits me more strongly on the back or she bends on her knees to be more elegant and sexier while hitting! Her look and her face always express her satisfaction! We feel her happy to lead the session with a lot of implication and conviction, to apply herself to hurt and to humiliate!

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During the following sequence, M.A. takes a long, thin riding crop. This sequence is extraordinary. This whip whistles in the air with each blow before hitting. This enhances the effect! M.A. hits me on the back, buttocks and thighs with fifty blows! My skin burns and it hurts me more and more under the blows! At times to create contrasts and better highlight her sadism, M.A. comes to caress me and contemplate the whipped places!

This sequence ends with a real correction when M.A. strongly whips my buttocks in continuous back and forth movements with the long thin riding crop! At the limit of the bearable! But we must surrender, offer M.A. this suffering! It is absolutely necessary to support to make her happy! … She must be given this gift since she is the one who produces the pain! M.A. has fun changing her rhythm according to her whims: at times she slows down and at times she accelerates her strokes! M.A. then tells me to put myself aside then face for several dozen blows on the back, buttocks, legs and chest to finish! M.A. then hits my chest very hard in bursts, looking me in the eye to better measure its effects and my suffering! This long thin whip hurts a lot while M.A. handles it with strength but at the same time always with a lot of refinement, with a lot of pleasure and well-being expressed! …

For the next sequence M.A. tells me to stand up and she gives me a long series of slaps. During this sequence I look at her very beautiful face very close, her magnificent eyes and her mouth which smiles of satisfaction by noticing my pain. What sensuality in her and what humiliation for me during this sequence!

Finally M.A. practices what is called breast work. With her hands she pulls my chest towards her and pinches my nipples! Lots of sensation!

Then M.A. surrounds my neck with her big whip. She squeezes it gently, gradually, then keeps it tight for several seconds before releasing it! She makes this gesture seven or eight times. Meanwhile her face that I adore is still close to mine. I feel her happy to completely dominate me! It’s an incredible feeling to see her very closely perform these gestures! …

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The session ends with a very hard verbal humiliation phase of ten minutes! M.A. is formidable in this area! … Here this humiliation is made on a very precise theme. I think M.A. may also practice it on other subjects.

M.A. makes fun of my penis. During this verbal humiliation she pulls me and pinches my nipples from time to time and then gives me a few slaps.
M.A. asks me if I’m not ashamed to be like this before her, if I don’t feel humiliated. I answer in the affirmative that I am ashamed indeed and that I am very humiliated! Very very humiliated actually!

She then tells me that most men have a longer and wider penis than mine! She illustrates this by showing me the imitation of a penis and asks me in a way to humiliate myself to compare my sex with this imitation! She says to me, “Look carefully! You see, this imitation is the penis of most men, very long, very wide, well hung! Look at the difference in size, shape, length and width! Do you see the difference? “I answer her that indeed I can see this difference! … It’s very very humiliating! It is very painful to answer this question in this way, to submit to this point! Very strong feelings! … She insists saying: “You understand why your tail is useless? »The height of submission, I then replied: « Yes, I understand! “She adds:” What a shame, what a humiliation for you! ”

Then she announces that she is going to organize an evening with a few girlfriends and me in order to make fun of me, so that they can laugh well together, humiliate me well! …
She tells me that, given this situation, all I deserve is to be whipped and slapped! …

M.A. then strongly humiliates me by calling me a fag, telling me that I have nothing in my pants, that I am not manly, that I am not a man! It’s very hard to hear! M.A. pronounces all these sentences with conviction and the obvious pleasure of humiliating me terribly and making me suffer! It is all the more unbearable to hear that I value my proven manhood very much!

Seeing me overwhelmed, M.A. then asked me a question: “Do you suffer a lot?” Tell me, I like hearing you! »I answer: « Yes, I suffer! I suffer a lot! I then see M.A. very satisfied with my answer!

This verbal humiliation touches me deeply! Especially since it is made by this pretty woman who expresses so much seduction and voluptuousness, who has so many charms for me! Especially when M.A. at the height of sadism, tells me, always so pretty and smiling, that my penis is useless at all, that it is completely useless! She repeats smiling, being very close to my face and looking me straight in the eye; “It is useless at all!” It is completely useless! Useless »

She then begins to hum and repeat with a mocking air and smiling: “useless little tail, little tail of nothing, little tail that is useless!”
This is unbearable to hear and so at odds with my experience and with M.A.’s vision of sensuality! This suffering is so strong and unbearable that it then turns into pleasure and voluptuousness that mingle with pain! Pleased to be humiliated and to suffer so much from the pains and cruel words produced by my pretty dominatrix, so enticing, so attractive and so sensual!

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Even if I try to fight in myself, to doubt what is said by remembering my previous experiences, the words are there, very clearly pronounced by this pretty woman very close to me, who looks me in the eye and which hurts me very much by repeating them! It is essential! Relentless! It humiliates me completely and indeed hurts my pride as a self-confident man! …

The effect of this hard sadism is guaranteed when MA while smiling says to me: “You are humiliated in front of me, it makes me happy to see you humiliated, to see you suffer because you are not a man and that your tail is no use ! Of course, the session then ends with a beautiful ejaculation! What sensations, at once physical, psychological, global! What contradictions and contrasts!

Then we take a drink to chat and close the meeting. I also love these exchanges, these discussions on various themes punctuated with humor, laughter, intuition of MA, her expressions so feminine, her liveliness but also her sweetness, intelligence and sensitivity in the content of her words. It allows me to get to know M.A. better, to look at her in all her beauty when she expresses herself, to appreciate her with all her qualities and all her charm. It strengthens my attachment, deepens our relationship. This reinforces the contrasts between these situations and the activities contained in the sessions! Here too we are in phase and complementary. We have empathy for each other, with a lot of convergence in ideas. A true friendship.