Sm hetero 22

Subjugated by the beauty and charisma of a Sodomizing Mistress

In BDSM Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

Thank you Mistress Angelik for having received me during this session during which you captivated me with your beauty and your charisma.

From the first second, I had only one desire: to put myself at your feet. And to find myself there, to kiss them and to lick them, ahh what a pleasure!

How I enjoyed feeling the ascendancy you naturally had over me. It was truly delectable.

But what I especially liked was how you took me on doggy style with a strap-on in front of the mirror. You banged me so fiercely, me on all fours and you standing behind, arched like a conqueror.

I remember with the greatest delight that magnificent smile (I strip and wet it even now, two months later, you were so sexually imperial, oh my God!).

I felt like your bitch as you were thrusting sometimes so energetically, sometimes so sensually, and I felt in your eyes full of vice as you enjoyed possessing me as a sovereign, how sublime you were in perversity and assurance!

Ow, how good it was to be your slut !!!!

I loved it (clearly, with hindsight, my best “sodomination” experience among the ten I have had …)!

Thank you very much, Mistress!

Ô Mistress …

****** A submissive **