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September 2021 – For this new school year kneel before Mistress Angelik

In The BDSM universe of your Parisian Mistress Dominatrix by Maitresse Angelik

* In September 2021 the dungeon of your sublime BDSM Mistress in Paris is open from Monday 13 To Thursday 23 September 2021 included.
Discover SM – BDSM – Fetishist fantasies and practices that you can experience in my dungeon during a BDSM – Fetish session.

* Maitresse Angelik vous reçoit dans son Donjon Parisien climatisé pour vous initier à la soumission ou perfectionner votre asservissement durant des séances Fétichiste, BDSM / SM, prenez rendez-vous via ma page “Contact Your Mistress

* Take note of my next dates: from Monday, October 11 to Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
You can find at any time my Paris dates on my calendar.

* Friday, August 27, 2021 – Your Divine Parisian BDSM Dominatrix was present at the “Divine Marquis Taste Parties.

A small glimpse of your Dominatrix in this unavoidable place of the Parisian BDSM parties.

* At my feet, in a cage, on your knees, you too be feminized to be my slave like this submissive happy to abandon herself to the pleasures of her Mistress.

* If you are taking your first steps into the SM-BDSM & Fetish world, check out my BDSM Dressing Protocol for Beginners
and answer my form to explain me your desires of submissions. ( the form is available on the page “Contact your Parisian Dominatrix Mistress” )

* Prostrate yourself before your Dominatrix Mistress wherever you are in France thanks to virtual sessions in visio via Cam.
The RDV are to be taken by email the day before and payment is made via Paypal.

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* My Fetish and BDSM videos are always available on the dedicated page: Fetish and BDSM videos of the dominatrix Mistress Angelik.

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