Ma premiere seance avec une dominatrice parisienne recit presentation

My new dog – Our first session

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This story is written by my new submissive who got in touch via my BDSM discovery form.

It all started one week in May, a few days earlier, when I had contacted Mistress Angelik to offer her my submission by detailing in an email my reasons for coming, and adding photos of myself. Mistress Angelik accepted. We agreed on a thursday in Paris.

On the day of the appointment I’d received the address I was to go to. I was very excited at the idea of meeting Mistress Angelik, I’d been poking around her site for years, but the fear of the unknown meant I didn’t dare take the plunge and come and see this sublime Parisian Mistress.

I started to walk down the indicated street, opened the door of the building and arrived in front of her door.

As I knocked, Maîtresse Angelik opened the front door and I said “bonjour Maîtresse Angelik”. I entered her dungeon, her dungeon displayed with photographs of Maîtresse Angelik. And the very refined dungeon/boudoir is black and red.

I finally stood in front of Maîtresse Angelik after so many years of waiting. Maîtresse Angelik was sublime, dressed in a black dress that showed off her entire figure and a pair of black pumps.

Maîtresse asked me to undress completely, and then to greet her in the proper way. I kissed her pumps for the first time. She then motioned for me to follow her and stay on all fours.

We took the time to have a drink together and talk about what I was looking for and find out more about myself.
I told her that I didn’t have a programme, that I’d leave her free to do as she pleased, that she could do whatever she wanted, because as far as I’m concerned, I’m at Mistress Angelik’s feet like a slave, and a slave doesn’t decide what practices he or she would or wouldn’t like to have. I inform her that I have a fetish for feet and heels/boots… But I’m also a masochist.

We begin the session. Mistress Angelik starts slowly for our first session together. She puts my dog collar on with its lead and starts beating me with a whip, a martinet and a cane. She ties my genitals with a rope, which she pulls more or less tightly depending on how I move. I have fun moving my bottom back so that she can see that I like what she’s doing. Several slaps land on my face during the session, and I thank her for every slap or blow she gives me.
An alchemy is created during this session.

Each practice she performs, more or less forceful, is a source of pleasure or frustration for me. I love being there for Mistress Angelik’s pleasure.

Mistress Angelik loves taking her dogs. She started by putting one finger inside me, then two. I could feel her fingers, it was so good to feel her inside me.
Let her come and go. As soon as my anus was dilated enough. She put a plug in me.

Since I now had a plug inside me, Mistress Angelik asked me to kiss her pretty pumps, to lick, leaving no part untouched. I took this request seriously and began to lick.
Mistress Angelik dropped her pumps so that I could start licking her bare foot. I took as much time as possible to complete this task so that I could enjoy it to the full, because I knew it wasn’t going to last and what foot and heel fetishist wouldn’t be happy.

Mistress Angelik put on her belt dildo. I spread my legs to offer my buttocks to the sublime Mistress Angelik. I began by sucking like a beautiful slut on her belt dildo. I tried as hard as I could to go as far as I could.
When her dildo belt was wet enough for Mistress Angelik, she came up behind me and pushed her dildo belt into me.

She took me and woke the bitch in me, I was penetrated, and the further she went, the more my body reacted on its own, showing from the outside that I liked what Mistress Angelik was doing to me.
She finished and I collapsed to the floor with pleasure. This Parisian Mistress had used me as a sex object, and I wanted more, because to be taken by your Mistress is just divine as a submissive / dog/ slave.

She let me come to my senses and asked me to masturbate, my erection was so big that even Mistress Angelik was laughing and having fun squashing it. My erection hurt so much. Mistress put her magnificent buttocks on my face. I could smell her and my erection burned even hotter.
Mistress watched me as I began to masturbate.
It didn’t last long as I was so excited. A lot of juice came out.

At the end of the session, we had a review of the session, we had the same feeling, it was a beautiful complicity full of ardour.
Maîtresse was delighted to discover me. Afterwards, she motioned for me to get dressed and leave. On the way home, I was in a dream, my head full of memories.

I was so keen to see her again as soon as possible that I booked another session for the following day.

To be continued…
Image provided by My Slave when he contacted me, to prove his devotion to me before our first session.

Ma premiere seance avec une dominatrice parisienne recit