Jdr 34

Educational spankings for adults

In BDSM Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

More than spanking itself, it’s the whole climate around “being indebted to spanking”.
The sanction of the submissive for a behavior …
What could be more “normal” than being punished for bad behavior ?
It all depends on how to bring the submissive there.
Neither exaggerated nor unrealistic: severe, but fair.
Disruptive, destabilizing, formidable, unstoppable!

So: a judgment, a “reasoned” sanction, based on the minimum number of spankings essential according to my only estimate
Something irreversible.
All accompanied by a very strict warning: the slightest reluctance on his part and the minimum number increases.
Nothing but the verdict can be already humiliating to tears …

The submissive is indebted for spanking and must be under pressure to increase the penalty if I decide to.

Signature maitresse angelik