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Mistress Angelik is the director of a publishing house

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

As the director of a publishing house, Mistress Angelik publishes works concerning foot fetishism and male submission.
Her authors are all slaves/men who write for her out of passion.

The selection is nevertheless rigorous and to judge the quality of the scripts, Mistress Angelik is very strict. She asks the author to kneel down in front of her desk and to lower his head.

She then takes off her shoes to the great pleasure of the submissive. Then, with a skilful foot movement, she pushes her pumps, just in front of her slave’s face, and asks him to lick the inside of her shoes conscientiously while she reads the script.

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He will not even be allowed to massage her feet, he will have to wait for her evaluation. The stakes are high, because he is waiting for the reward for the fruit of his labour.
He will be paid in whiplashes and is already looking forward to it, perhaps even more cruel torture sessions.

If, unfortunately for him, his work is not judged satisfactory, he will only earn his disdain, and will not even earn the right to lick his feet.

The emotion is thus intense for the author because the stakes are high. Will he finally find his Mistress? Will he finally be able to live intensely his passion for her feet? Will he be worthy to serve her, to suffer for her?

It is then that she calls him, with a soft voice she informs him that his text will be published, and as his style satisfies her, she shows him the way to the torture room…

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