Maitresse angelik et ses soumis aux gouters du marquis avril 2022 01

May 2022 – Mistress Angelik, expert in the art of domination in Paris

In The BDSM universe of your Parisian Mistress Dominatrix by Maitresse Angelik

* Live your fantasies, abandon yourself to your submission with Mistress Angelik and succumb to your desires to be only the toy of your Parisian Dominatrix for the duration of a BDSM / Fetish session.
During the month of May 2022 the dungeon in Paris of your sublime BDSM Mistress is open from Monday 09 to Thursday 19 May 2022 included
Discover the SM – BDSM and Fetish fantasies exercised in my dungeon during a session where I will explore your limits through my desires.

* As a reminder, you can find all the rules for BDSM / Fetish sessions on the Information to read before diving into my BDSM and Fetish news
In this respect, I would like to inform you that if you are more than 15 minutes late for our appointment and without notifying me, I will no longer welcome you to the session.

* Taking all the necessary hygienic measures, Maitresse Angelik welcomes you in her air-conditioned / heated Parisian dungeon to initiate you to submission or to perfect your bondage during Fétichiste, BDSM / SM sessions, make an appointment via my page “Contact Your Mistress

* Take note of my next Parisian sessions, in my BDSM Dungeon for Fétichistes and Domination sessions:

In June 2022, your Mistress Angelik receives you from Wednesday 01 to Sunday 05 and from Monday 13 to Friday 18 included.
In July 2022, your BDSM Dominatrix receives you from Friday 01 to Friday 15 included

You can find at any time my Parisian dates on my agenda.

* On April 15th I was at the Divine Marquis’s evening party. Don’t miss these unmissable BDSM / Fetish parties.
Like my slaves or my little feminized submissive, prostrate yourself at my feet.

Maitresse angelik et ses soumis aux gouters du marquis avril 2022 01

What can Mistress Angelik feel by feminizing her submissive?
By transforming him through makeup / wig / underwear / heels and other tricks …
A pleasure shared with her little submissive docile …
A slave transvestite into a slut or a maid … It removes all instinct of virility.
He is nothing more than a little whore at the service of his Queen.
His sex is castrated, and disappears little by little under his disguise. His pride as a man is forgotten.
He becomes another, a little thing that exists only under the power and control of Mistress Angelik.
He is ready to blossom in this imaginary, yet very real world he has always wanted.
He wants to obey, to do the housework for the comfort of his Mistress.
He has no choice but to make his dominatrix’s insides shine.
Or to be sodomized by other men through the demands of his Queen since he has become a woman.
He must learn to cum only through his anus, not for himself, but for the pleasure of Mistress Angelik…

* Like this slave, come and follow a Pony Boy training.

* Don’t wait any longer, join your Mistress Angelik in her dungeon.

* During my stay in Paris, I also offer virtual domination sessions via Cam.
Kneel before your Mistress Dominatrix wherever you are in France.
The RDVs are to be taken by email the day before and payment is made via Paypal.

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