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March 2023 – Fetishists throw themselves at Mistress Angelik’s feet

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* In Paris, in my dungeon located in the 16th district, Mistress Angelik, BDSM Dominatrix, now offers you the possibility to play with my young feminized submissive.
Dressage solo or in duo, discover a new BDSM experience.

* In SM Club or in my Private Dungeon, live your fantasies, abandon yourself to your submission with Mistress Angelik and succumb to your desires to be only the toy of your Parisian Dominatrix during a BDSM / Fetish session.
During the month of March 2023, the dungeon will be open for BDSM / Fetish sessions. Your BDSM Mistress in Paris is waiting for you from
From Monday 13 to Thursday 23 March 2023 included

Discover the SM – BDSM and Fetish fantasies exercised in my dungeon during a session where I will explore your limits through my desires.

* As a reminder, you can find all the rules related to BDSM / Fetish sessions on the page Information to read before diving into my BDSM and Fetish news
As such I inform you that beyond 15 minutes of delay to our appointment and that without warning me, I will not welcome you anymore in session.

* Taking all the necessary hygienic measures, Mistress Angelik welcomes you in her heated Parisian Dungeon to initiate you to submission or perfect your bondage during Fetish, BDSM / SM sessions, make an appointment via my page “Contact Your Mistress

* Also take note of the next opening dates of my Parisian Dungeon :
– From Monday 10 to Thursday 20 April 2023 included.

* My submissives like to spend time at my feet, adoring them, worshipping them and having them in their mouths.
You too, put your lips on my feet, bare or in high heels.

* Enjoy this new fetish story, written by one of my submissives, fantasizing about my feet.
The Pedicure of Mistress Angelik – A tale of Feet worship is to be read in the section Fetish Story.

* In the section “Feet & High Heels photos of your Parisian dominatrix” and in the section “Photos in the BDSM universe” you can admire the work of the photographer Lazlo.

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* This slave is a good doggie, he knows his place and enjoys what his Mistress Dominatrix puts in his bowl.

* If you want to indulge your fantasies, discover or deepen your SM and Fetish desires in the hands of a BDSM Mistress in Paris, read BDSM Dressing Protocol for Beginners and fill out my form, available on the page “Contact your Parisian Mistress

* During my stay in Paris, I also propose you virtual sessions of domination in visio via Cam.
Prostrate yourself before your Dominatrix Mistress wherever you are in France.
The RDV are to be taken by email the day before and the payment is made via Paypal.

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