Gouters du divin marquis avec maitresse angelik 05

July 2020 – A hot summer under the heels of your Parisian Mistress.

In The BDSM universe of your Parisian Mistress Dominatrix by Maitresse Angelik

– Discover pictures of my last visit to the “Goûters du Divin Marquis” on the next page.

– The primary satisfaction for a Mistress is the invisible link that can be created to give birth to a form of perfect communion in gestures and expectations.
A language of glances, of imperceptible movements of the other which incites, provokes, invites to simplicity as to the extreme.
It is this osmosis that is the most gratifying of the gifts that a submissive can provoke, being in total abandonment within the very strict framework of domination.
My state of mind today is to create even more magic in my sessions and my passages in SM clubs, to reinforce this feeling of total liberation, of an almost unreal moment where time no longer exists. I favor for my submissives the intensity, the journey to its deepest requirements, with what will remain engraved in their memories the taste of physical and cerebral adrenaline.