Repondez à mon Questionnaire SM - Dominatrice Angelik : Maitresse sur Paris
The concept of bdsm, by vocation, intersects and indeed brings together a multitude of activities that involves a deliberate negotiated exchange of powers between willing partners.
A true professionnal dominatrix will have the concern to study with accuracy and strong empathy the fears, expectations and limitations of her game partner.
The quality of the relationship and the success that results from it depends on the space given to the submissive: its expectations, its limits, in other words its room for maneuver within a gaming space.
This is why a questionnaire established upstream and in advance will, in a way, make it possible to set the rules of the game.
It thus makes it possible to ideally start a Domination / Submission relation.

Civility : Firstname* : E-mail* :
Phone : City :


I like
To discover
Swallow your own sperm


Drink Mistress’s urine


Mouth gag




Body Bondage


Sex Bondage


Passive bisexuality


Active Bisexuality


Wear a chastity belt


Receive a sweet correction


Receive a hard correction


Receive the cane


Riding whip


Anal dilation, fisting


Golden shower


Domination in Private SM Club


Soft electricity game


Restraints, bondage


Exhibitionnism (for informed public only)


Dog training




Bare hand spanking


Spanking with accessories




Ass whipping


Cock whipping


Sex ice cube torment


Face slapping


Outfit in society


Verbal humiliations, insults


Include other participants to the scene




Licking Mistress’s shoed feet


Licking Mistress’s stockinged feet


Licking Mistress’s bare feet


Licking, sucking a dildo, a plug, …


Punishment for bad behaviour


Marks (blows, bruises …)


Massaging Mistress’s feet


Imposed masturbation




Imposed nudity (in private)




Appearance in photo/video shooting

Anal penetration (strap-on)


Double dildo penetration (oral and anal)


Clothespins body torment


Clothespins sex torment


Clothespins nipples torment




Sexual restraint (short term)


Bare feet trampling by Mistress


Shoed feet trampling by Mistress


Prostrate at the feet of Mistress


Serve Mistress as a domestic


Serve Mistress as a piece of furniture


Serve other people (under Mistress ministration)


Total servitude


Anal sex (inserting dildos of various size)


Anal sex (plugs or jewels to wear under clothing in public)


Get your hair pulled


Cock and Ball torture, Ballbusting


Doing housework for Mistress