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Become my slave, you’ll be dying to.

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Tributes to you, Mistress.
My pen lands on the virtual vellum to offfir you some notes of melody SM in return of our first appointment .

After wandering on the canvas, I meet Mistress ANGELIK. What could be more banal, would you say?
The first words are extremely precise. Mistress ANGELIK’s calm tone is respectful, it changes the ambient junk .
Without unnecessary frills, the invitation m is given to present me with care in private as well as the address of the site of Mistress.
The decision will be given to me later.
I visit the site of Mistress ANGELIK and understand immediately that I am not facing a service provider that is basically mercantile.

Access is clear:

´If you take the plunge, if you decide to let yourself be guided in my BDSM, SM and Fetish universe, know that it is a journey without return that will change you deeply.
You will discover in my company exquisite cruelties, delicious tortures and forbidden pleasures.
Become my slave, you are dying for it.
If I might…
Mistress Angelik

Without delay, I write the presentation of my being with care.
I emphasize my intimate life: I am Sapio and submissive maso.

I distrust this statement of masochism and am very distrustful of myself.
Would I confess to him by this first writing? What good to handle the fantasy, Mistress ANGELIK will not let you be in the false pretence.
After a few hours, the decision falls.

This will be a first evaluation appointment. Unlike other appointments, the instructions are clear.

The days before the appointment are complicated.

The desire to give it back is powerful. Would I be worthy ?
We are very far from the pageant surfed.
The site is my support and my guide. I will not back down!

The date rings… I introduce myself.
Upon arrival in Mistress ANGELIK’s Den, magnificence bursts forth.
My knees are trembling, my pulse is beating at 1000 an hour.

The quiet order is given to me: naked immediately
The moment is for true confidence in a position of absolute submission. Mistress is seated and the confessional soothes me.

I will not reveal our secrets to you but know that the words Respect, Listening, Kindness, Sincerity, Transparency are the essential bases.

At the end of our confidences, the BDSM game begins and unfolds like a first journey. I dive into my bubble by uncompromisingly granting my trust.

Mistress ANGELIK visits me, impact after impact, sensation of delicious pain offered progressively (candles, paddle, pinwheel, etc.)
Precision is essential.

My torso is printed with Mistress’s initials: M.A.

A photo is taken. Mistress will broadcast it with my story or not.
First reward or first punishment? You will only know it with the last touch of the Art of Mistress.
The necklace is placed.

Thank you Mistress, in sincerity. My baptism will take place in the near future.
I leave again, my identity is decreed: I am now ELON.

The ´miles´ of our future trips will be at the desires and pleasures of Mistress. If Mistress wants me to share them with you, I will take up the pen again.

False, insincere, versatile, run away, you will only encounter indifference.
Mistress ANGELIK’s intelligence will penetrate your brain quickly before you can even play the lie. A word to the wise!

In prostration, Thank you Mistress.


Image taken during the session in my Dungeon.

Soumis marque par la bougie de maitresse angelik