At the feet of Mistress Angelik – Praise for the feet

In Fetish Story, Stories by Maitresse Angelik

If you wish to understand or live your fetishistic desires for female feet, in this case those of Mistress Angelik, these few lines should seduce you.
Mistress Angelik is indeed an expert in the matter, and could, if you are docile enough, make you discover her secrets, invite you to lower your eyes, then your head, to get on your knees.
She will then order you with a sensual voice to contemplate her feet without having to
for all that the right to touch them, neither to raise their head, nor to try to touch them.
to speak, nor to be able to look away from his feet.

You will then be prey to your own emotions, to your own desires, you will see its
high-heeled shoes slide slightly on her toes, making a clever pendulum movement as her leg swings on her thigh, until her pump falls to the ground, allowing at last to see her nails varnished in red, her toes well formed, and to admire the delicacy of her curves.
This aerial and sensitive ballet is so beautiful that you will miss your breath and start to sweat…

You will then wish to pick up his shoe to put it back on his foot, but
will you be able to do it, will you be allowed to do it? And how will you put it back on delicately with both wrists firmly on?
held behind the back by handcuffs?

You will still have your mouth, you will be able to put your lips on the leather of the shoe while taking care not to damage it with your teeth, because you would be punished with a bitter blow of whip.
You will finally be able to put it back on delicately with a skillful lip movement… then she will start again, amused by the situation… she will slide her shoe back on again.
on the floor…
You will let your emotions express themselves, your brain will produce exciting images, leading you to imagine yourself in extreme situations, in uncomfortable positions at the service of her feet, in a delirium of submission that has become possible, thanks to her…
Kneeling at his feet, allows us to glimpse happiness. Worshipping your feet, all their delicate curves, from the heel to the nails through the arch of the foot and the pads of the toes, gives you a vision of the ideal.

Serving a superior being will allow you to understand your real place… the realization of the ego passes by the satisfaction of the desire which includes stages, such as an initiatory journey.
The hardest stage is that of accepting one’s own reality, one’s sexual orientation as a submissive.
to the feminine desire through foot fetishism.

The following steps are only consequences, stages, limits to be overcome.
Once this step has been taken, once your reality has been accepted, the barriers fall one by one, and you perceive a light of happiness at the end of the road.

A sovereign fullness invades you and gentle sensations run through your body, from head to toe. You finally understand that your equilibrium depends on the veneration
of the feet of your Mistress…

A submissive / Mistress Angelik’s fetishist